1527 Type 433MHz Wireless Infrared Detector Support 5V USB power





DC 5V USB motion detector

DC 5V USB motion detector

Product Features

The wireless indoor infrared detector, applies digital dual-core fuzzy logic control processing technology and intelligent analysis algorithms and body movement signals effectively to prevent false alarms. It is suitable for residential area, villas,
factory, store, warehouse and office building etc.

Technical Parameters

Frequency: 433MHz

Built-in antenna
Standby current: <15uA
Working current: <15mA
Detection distance:0-8 meter.
Detection range: 110 degree
Wireless distance: 100m (Open area)
Operating power: 3V CR2032 battery
Battery not included.

Detector support USB adapter

Our infrared detector support battery supply, also support USB power adapter. Connect USB adapter will make sure your detector works all the time.
Other brand motion detector without USB power connector. If battery is empty. the detection will be very weak, and also the wireless signal will be very weak and short distance. Then your home will easy lost protection.