Android and IOS APP smart control touch screen 433Mhz GSM smart




Product Description
Product Name
GSM alarm system
Display Screen
4.3TFT full touch screen
Learning/storage location
Max up to 99 learning/storage location for remote control and wireless detector
Remotely arm and disarm/parameter setting,parts management and interlligent socket control
Defense zone
Gate, hall, SOS, bedroom, windows, balcony, perimeter, smoke, cooking gas, CO gas, leak water
Phone Function
Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number,voice/SMS arm and disarm
Chinese/English/Deutsch/Russia/Spanish/Polish/Italian/French/Portuguese, switching in the host setting
Operating current
screen offer <120mA,screen on<200mA
Spare Battery
3.7V/500mAh Li battery
Product Size
*1. 4.3 TFT color full touching screen, used the simple style human computer interface.
*2. Built in powerful CPU master based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core.
*3. Support up to 99 learning/storage location for remote control and wireless detector
*4. Support 5groups alarm phone number setting, can set the SMS open/close, dialing open/close respectively.
*5. Support APP remotely control.
*6. Max 20 seconds voice alarm recording.
*7. Built in 3.7V/500mAh Li battery, when the power is off, the host will alarm.
*8. GPRS networking real-time, get the latest working status anytime, alarm automatically while offline.

*9. Reserved remote GPRS TCP/UDP protocol channel, it can be compatible with several alarm center networking protocol.
*10. GSM/WiFi network time correcting automatically, ensure the time and date keep correct, support multi language menu, voice
operation notice and SMS alarm setting.
*11. Support main gate, hall, SOS,bedroom, windows, balcony,perimeter, smoke, cooking gas,CO gas,leak water and other zone setting.

    •   *12. It will alarm if the brackets detached with the host, or the door/windows sensor be taken off from the door or windows.

    •   *13. If the backup battery voltage lower than 3.45V, it will alarm to remind.
      When the PIR/Window/Door sensor is triggered, it will sound and make signal to the alarm system host, then the alarm host will
      send SMS/Call to your phone number,you will get the notification instantly.
      Device supports to set up timing arm and disarm in a regular time schedule.

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